​Hello guys.. How you been? hope you all are doing great. Before I start, do u mind if i ask you to solve a riddle for me? well.. here you go… 

             ” lovely and round

                 I shine with pale light

                Grown in the darkness and

                A  lady’s delight”                                

Any guess’s…? yes.. that’s  a pearl..

Many a times,we keep listening to the same old phrase, Diamonds are girl’s bestfriends”. okay, then what about pearls? …… pearls are their emotion, their love.right?
From fashionistas to the college students, from international runways to local street styles,pearls have their own identity at everywhere.Be it the former fashion designer coco chanel; the  dutchess of cambridge,kate middleton or the former first lady, Michelle obama, no woman missed her chance to show off her love towards pearls. 

Kate Middleton,the Dutchess of Cambridge wearing Pearl drop Earrings.

Not only in fashion, in olden days, pearls were used to symbolize love and royalty.Though they became a bit dated fashion in 1990’s, they occupied their place back in the fashion world in recent times, because of the sparkle and elegance they add on to any kinda outfit. 


COCO CHANEL in multi layered Pearl Neckpiece

Going on a hot date tonight or anytime soon? Imagine yourself in a wine red bodycon dress paired with a double layered pearl necklace or a choker. How is it? Exotic,right? 😉 that’s the magic the pearls create.. 

Zooey Deschanel wearing Pearl necklace at an awards event in 2013

If you are in dilemma about accessorizing your dress with jewellery, open your jewellery casket and just grab any ornament studded with pearls and pair it with your outfit.. Let it a pearl drop earrings and a bracelet on a classic LBD, a satlada on a traditional indian saree or a Funky pearl choker on a formal pantsuit.voila!!! there you go…!!

   Soo….that’s all for today..

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