Valentinesday is just around the corner…to those who are committed or seeing someone.. happy valentine’sday… and those who are single and not seeing anyone..yayyy…conggraaatuulaationsssss… you just saved some tons of, guys.. what you are going to present your beau..?? ..waaht?? the day is just few hours away..and your are still running out of luck with the gifts..well..fret not!! here are some last minute ideas to make your sweetheart feel pampered..

  1. GIFT_YOUR_FEELINGS :  A letter expressing your feelings..”you mean a traditional love letter..??” exactly..yess,i know..everyone on the earth is not gifted with shakespeare’s kinda thoughts.. but i’m not telling you to include such poetic words and phrases..just take a pen&paper, then put down the way they make you feel,the way you think of them, in your own language and slang..
  2. A_PHOTO_SHOOT : Coz.. being in relationship is not a hole & corner affair anymore {in our country atleast}.. So take your mate to a shoot and capture your relationship into a memorable album..Not a bad idea right??..
  3. PAY_FOR_SUBSCRIPTION : is your sweetheart, a music,magazine or a fitness freak..then it’s your turn to steal the for an annual subscription package of your bae’s membership at his/her gym/spa, or the magazine’s website or at an online music is just a matter of 2 minutes afterall.. thanks to the internet 😉.


    Because you can’t dare showing up empty hands..right??

    • Then a chocolate boquet or a boquet of liquor😉
    • Headphones to a music freak
    • goggles
    • a good book
    • an outfit from a favourite brand
    • food or a beauty package..


    Soo..that’s all for today..hope you guys find this useful..if you have any other ideas or suggestions..feel free to share them with us in the comments box below..Thankyou❤.

                 Vasavi Polimera❤