So today, i’m gonna share my never ending love towards an indian snack.. though i say it’s a snack, I can have it at anytime..seriously..anytime..

Okay..Okay..no suspence anymore..and i’m talking about the crispy..spicy.. tangy..mouth watering.. PANIPURI..

source : Google

Ask any indian foodies, what their favourite street food is, I bet, most of them say it’s panipuri. afterall, they can’t control smacking their lips, from the very first moment they here the word till having the first puri in their mouth.. that’s the yumminess it gives..

Panipuri, actually is a fried hollow puri made with maida or semolina dough, filled with a mixture of boiled potato , sprouts, peas; some spicy water made with mint and tamarind; some chopped onions on choice, where each puri is in the size, which can be fitted at a time into one’s mouth.. It has many different names in different places of india like gupchup, puchka, Golgappe, Pani ka patashe and many more..

The best thing is having panipuri challenges, competing with friends and others on eating more no. of puris..

Panipuri given by chotu/bhaiyya at the streetside stalls are not so hygiene.. but they are the best..

source : Google


    So.. that’s the short and spicy things about panipuri for today.. hope you like this post {panipuri too😘}.. like it..share it.. help me spread it..

    Any suggestions.. feel free to leave a comment.. For queries, Mail me @ polimerav697@gmail.com




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    1. Utterly delicious 😋

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    2. Will try to make it in home itself…

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