Monsoon How-to’s!!!

Helloooo people..hope you all are doing great..
Let’s bid a huge welcome to the season of cosy mornings, warm cup of coffee, music, Petrichor during that first drops of rain.. ummm..who don’t love this season-THE MONSOON.Though we feel happy for the monsoon that gives us such things and solace from summer’s scorching heat,some of us are frowning because of the challenges that will be thrown by monsoon to us at being fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

Monsoon how-to's
Source : GOOGLE


  • Choose the outfits that are bright in colour.Try not to choose white and other baby colours which gets dirty easily by the end of your day.
  • Opt for those dresses which are less in length like shorts/knee length/above ankle length.Never, ever in monsoons go full legged with skirts or pants.
Source – GOOGLE
  • Stack up those body hugging clothes which makes you feel sweaty and sticks to your body when you get drenched in the rain to the next season
  • Tight and full length denims which cannot be easily dried up are a big NO-NO.
  • Don’t select fabrics that are dyed and printed.They are not at all idea for this season as they bleed colour when they get wet.
Source – GOOGLE

  • While picking up the footwear,go for the rubber/plastic flip flops and jelly ballerinas which are easily washable.
  • You can also pick the jelly pumps and shoes with leather finishing which makes your feet feel comfy when they get dampened and also looks formal.
Jelly Ballerinas by

Tory Burch

  • Better not to prefer jewellery with threads, laces, jute and metallic one’s which are not waterproof to avoid colour bleed off.

So..that’s all for this time..Always remember that-“A woman is never sexy than when she is comfortable in her own clothes”


Hope you like this post.

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